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The predecessor of Wanzhi Group was founded in 2002 in Henan Zidong Iron and Steel Center by the founder and chairman of the group, Mr. Wang Huamin. Wanzhi Steel is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group's import and export business. It relies on Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., Ltd., a branch in Henan Province, responsible for the operation of metal materials import and export business. It is also the own trademark and brand of Wanzhi Group.

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More than 17 years of experience in the metal material industry and more than 12 years of import and export experience.


We have a first-class service system, have global cooperation in more than 80 countries and regions, and have won unanimous praise in all aspects.


Our products have more than 150 in-depth factory inspections and qualification tests, and are recognized as industry leaders. They can protect and prevent general attacks from various types and conditions,long lasting.

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