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What's the magic way to make the frame fence strong and durable

Frame fence is a kind of ideal metal mesh wall with beautiful, durable, non deformation and quick installation, which has been widely used in various industries.

The frame guardrail products are suitable for railway. The frame fence mainly adopts P-shaped column, triangle flat iron as the outer frame side frame, and the inside is made of more practical 6 mm wire. The frame fence is characterized by strong corrosion resistance and low cost.

Frame fence suitable for school fence: frame fence mainly adopts hook type net with strong safety. The frame of frame guardrail is mostly 60 columns, and the net surface is rhombic anti scratch green net.

Frame fence used in expressway: it is mainly made of common 48 column and 20x30 square tube with frame connected by standard. Main features of guardrail: cheap installation cost. Frame guardrail mesh: high quality wire rod is used as raw material, which is protected by three layers of zinc plating, pre coating primer and high adhesion powder spraying. The frame fence has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti ultraviolet for a long time. The column of frame guardrail: the surface treatment is galvanized or sprayed, or you can choose one, and the top is covered with plastic cover or rainproof cap. According to the different environment and installation mode, embedded 30cm and base can be selected. Installation accessories mesh and column are connected by screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All the screws are automatic anti-theft.