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King kong Mesh

The external protection adopts electrostatic spraying treatment. 304 stainless steel mesh has high anti rust and anti damage ability. After inspection, it has anti damage ability of 2.148 tons, shear resistance and stronger anti damage ability. SS is the abbreviation of "stainless steel". 316L is stainless steel brand. There are three types of yarn mesh on the market, 304, 316 and 316L. 304 contains 8 nickel (Ni), with carbon less than 0.08; 316 contains 10 nickel (Ni), with carbon less than 0.08 Carbon content is less than 0.08; 316L contains 12 nickel (Ni), carbon content is less than 0.03; the lower the carbon content is, the better the corrosion resistance is; the higher the nickel content is, the better the corrosion resistance is.

Product description

Materials: 304. 316 stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire

Specification: 11 mesh x 0. 8mm.12 mesh x 0.7mm.10 mesh x 0.9mm.8.5 mesh x 1.0mm. 4 mesh x 1.6mm

Size: 1200mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 900mm x 2000mm, 900mm x 2400mm, 750mm x 2000mm.

750mm x 2400mm.

Security Mesh is woven by stainless steel wire and then powder coatng. It is very hard like an iron plate with a very

high intensity. It can provide a safe and private space when used as mosquito net. It is a good choice in high-end

apartments and vllas for safety purpose.

Packing: wrapped in plastic then packed in wooden box.

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