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Talk about the difference between the bilateral silk triangle bending fence

In the double wire fence, there is a kind of triangle bending fence, which is welded with double wire at the edge connecting with the column. It belongs to both double wire fence and triangle bending fence, so it is called double wire triangle bending fence. It integrates the advantages of the two, and is generally favored by the industry. The difference between the double-sided wire triangle bending guardrail and the double-sided guardrail is that the cost of the double-sided wire triangle bending guardrail is between the double-sided guardrail and the triangle bending guardrail.


Its mesh size is more sensitive, no different from the double-sided fence, the only difference is that it has triangular bending and reinforcing bars, and the high price is here. There is also a slight difference between the two columns. The columns used by the double side fence sometimes have a 30 degree bend at the top, and sometimes do not. The double-sided wire triangle bending guardrail net is not provided, unless the column with bending degree is used when the barbed rope is installed on the top, and the Y-shaped column is the majority. The difference between triangle bending guardrail with double-sided wire and triangle bending guardrail with peach shaped column is that the former has double-sided wire, while the latter does not. The mesh of double side wire triangle bending guardrail is more sensitive, which is different from the fixed 5 * 20cm of peach shaped column triangle bending guardrail. In addition, there is another point to distinguish the two, to see if there is a peach shaped column, peach shaped column is used triangle bending guardrail, otherwise it is double-sided wire triangle bending guardrail. Peach shaped column looks like peach shape from one end, so it gets its name. Its specification is generally 7 * 10cm, and its height is based on the consumption of guardrail net. It is thicker than ordinary 48mm steel tube column. In addition, it needs to open holes, so the cost is higher, which is about 15 yuan higher. This is the price difference between the two kinds of fence. Double side wire triangle bending fence manufacturers, professional consumption of various specifications of double side wire triangle bending fence, double side wire fence and so on.