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Highway Fence

texture of material: Select low carbon cold drawn steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, galvanized wire

Product form:

(1) The middle guardrail of highway is a kind of guardrail net set in the center of the road, which is mainly used to separate the upward and downward order of vehicles. To prevent vehicles from breaking into the reverse Road, and to prevent non motor vehicles and pedestrians from crossing or crossing the road at will, which plays a role in ensuring good traffic order and preventing accidents. This kind of guardrail is mostly made of cement, metal or cement and metal.

(2) The guardrail of isolation pier is set between the motor vehicle lane and the non motor vehicle lane on one or both sides of the road, which is mainly used to isolate non motor vehicles and motor vehicles. It plays its own way, does not interfere with each other, driving in sequence. The guardrail is mostly made of cement or metal materials, with a height of about 600mm.

(3) The pedestrian guardrail is set on the outside of the sidewalk at the intersection or the highway fence between the sidewalk and the roadway. It is mainly used to prevent pedestrians from crossing and crossing at random in the intersection and on the roadway, and the second is to prevent vehicles from breaking into the sidewalk in order to avoid obstacles. It plays a good role in traffic order and pedestrian safety.

Highway fence: mainly used for park / zoo fence, campus / field enclosure, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation belt.