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Foundation pit border

Side guard rail of foundation pit

1. This product is mainly made by electric welding, and its surface is painted.

2. Product features: strong safety performance, beautiful appearance, with the advantages of eye-catching warning. It is a highly flexible protective product and can be reused.

3. Application: it can be used in construction elevator wellhead safety protection, people and goods elevator wellhead protection and other construction site edge safety protection.

The edge guardrail of foundation pit is composed of protective mesh and column. The guardrail mesh at the edge of the foundation pit is composed of 2cm × 4cm square tube welding, with a single size of 1.1m × 1.7m. The two ends are provided with cross ears, which are connected and fixed with the column with Φ 10 bolts. The distance between the cross ear and the upper and lower edges is 15cm.

The column is made of 8cm square tube with height of 1.3m, with flange at the bottom (8mm × 15cm × 15cm steel plate). Each flange plate is provided with 4 bolt holes and the top is closed. It is fixed with the ground with Φ 14 expansion bolts.

After installation, the upper edge of the guardrail is flush with the column, the lower edge is 20cm away from the ground, and the distance between the two columns is 2m. The raw materials used are all made of national standard materials, and the construction is carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. The size is correct and the welding points are firm, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection.