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Rockfall Protective Net

Slope protection fence are composed of high strength double twisted wire mesh ,

 the anchor, I-steel column, the drop-down anchor rope, the ring of energy dissipation, 

and the base of support rope from top to bottom, and other components. 

Rock fall protective fences protect the formation of the regional slope, and prevent the collapse of the rock fall.

wire are bundled into a ring measuring 300 or 350 mm in diameter. A fine secondary mesh also stopssmaller rocks and stones. 

Main Components: Baseplates and posts, Brakes, Rope anchorages

Application Area: Rockfalls, landslips, debris flows, shallow landslides and avalanches, etc.


High-tensile, more flexible

Greater energy absorption capacity up to 8000KJ

Flexible application area

quick and easy installation, less work

Problem-free maintenance