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Framework Fence

Frame guardrail is a kind of product with flexible assembly, which is widely used in China's highways, railways and expressways. It can not only be made into permanent net wall, but also be used as temporary isolation net, which can be realized by adopting different column fixing methods.

Product description

Cheaper and faster treatment: cold galvanized, white;Plastic spray, green, white, red, black, yellow and so on.

More common treatment: dip, color options: grass green, dark green, white, yellow, black, red, etc.

The best treatment method of anti-corrosion performance: hot dip galvanized after treatment, anti-corrosion performance lifetime.

Railway closed network, highway closed network, field fence, residential fence, various sports venues, industrial and mining schools and so on.
The frame guardrail is beautiful, durable, non-deformable, and quick to install. It is an ideal metal mesh wall and has been widely used in various industries.

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